Natura Institute

Natura Institute was created in 2010 with the purpose of expanding the investments in Education already made by Natura since 1995.

Investments that are only possible through the sale of Natura Crer Para Ver line products, marketed by Natura Beauty Consultants, without making profit. All the collected resource is intended for education projects developed by Natura Institute.

In Brazil, our initiatives are focused on four commitments: Literacy at the right age through Collaborative Regime, Full-Time High School, Articulation with Priority Education Agendas and Education and Mobilization for Natura Leaders and Beauty Consultants.

In 2020, we expanded our operations to countries in Hispanic America. We have headquarters in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, and soon in Colombia and Peru, with the purpose and commitment to systemically improve the learning of children and youth of these countries. 


We want to ensure that all children are literate by the age of seven.
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We promote High School quality with a focus on the full development of youths.
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We promote the priority agendas of Education through articulation with the public sphere and the third sector.
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We promote the full development of Natura Leaders and Beauty Consultants and their mobilization for the cause of Education.
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