How to

You can support the work of the Natura Institute through the Natura Crer Para Ver line!

For 25 years, the Natura Crer Para Ver line has fulfilled the dream of the Natura founders to transform society by mobilizing their Beauty Consultants for the cause of Education.

When someone buys a product from the Natura Crer Para Ver line, they take more than a pencil, a notebook or a cup: they are part of the education of children, young people and adults all over Brazil!

How it works:

Our large network of Natura Beauty Consultants promote and sell the non-cosmetic products of the Natura Crer Para Ver line. Both they and Natura give up the profit, which is fully invested in the Education initiatives that the Natura Institute carries out. 

See the step by step of the transformation:

You fall in love with products and buy.

Natura and its Beauty Consultant give up the profit.

All the profit is invested in the education of the country.

Know our gifts
that transform!

Be part of the
#EuEscrevoEssaHistória Movement

You can also support us by being a part of the #EuEscrevoEssaHistoria [#IWriteThisStory] movement. A commitment of Crer Para Ver with the children of Brazil so that they are all literate by the age of seven. Because everyone matters. Every child matters.