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Always Learning

A free and online platform that combines solutions, guidelines, experiences and pedagogic materials aligned with the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC) to support educational managers, teachers and families to ensure that all students continue to learn and develop during the Covid-19 pandemic. The website will be updated constantly, for as long as necessary. Always Learning is the result of a collective effort of social organizations of the third sector


The Innovation Center for Brazilian Education (CIEB) is a non-profit association created in 2016 to promote the culture of innovation in Brazilian public education. It supports the formulation of public policies, developing concepts, prototyping tools and articulating with the actors of the basic education ecosystem.

Learning Community

Learning Community proposes a school model that improves learning and coexistence among students, which is open to families and the school community, promoting efficiency, equity and social cohesion.

It is a project that happens in Brazil and also in Latin American countries where Natura has operations. Currently, the initiative in Brazil is carried out in partnership with the organization Baobá. And in Latin American countries, the initiative has the partnership of Natura teams of each country.

Conviva Education

The Conviva Education platform is a free platform aimed at the Municipal Education Managers and the technical teams of the departments. 

This is an initiative of UNDIME (National Union of Municipal Education Directors) in partnership with ten other institutes and foundations and has the support of CONSED (National Council of Education Secretaries) and UNCME (National Union of Municipal Education Councils).

Digital School

Free platform that concentrates and organizes more than 30 thousand digital learning resources for students, parents and teachers. They are videos, games, infographics, animations, apps, digital books and much more, divided by subject, year and type of resource. The contents are aligned with the new BNCC and can be accessed by computers, mobile phones or tablets.

This is an initiative of the Natura Institute and Telefônica Vivo Foundation. It has the support of Inspirare, Vanzolini Foundation and Lemann Foundation.


Digital platform for continuing education aligned with the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC) with free online courses and experience sharing spaces for literacy teachers, pedagogy students and school managers. On completion of the courses, certificates are issued by an institution recognized by MEC.

This is an initiative of the Natura Institute and Telefônica Vivo Foundation. It has the support of the Península Institute.

Education Support Network (RAE)

Through the Education Support Network (RAE), we support the municipal education departments of Benevides (PA) and Cajamar (SP), locations where Natura maintains its operations. The objective of the initiative is to contribute to the development of best practices in pedagogical management and, consequently, collaborate to increase the quality of Education in these municipalities.